Friday, September 28, 2012

Reflections on Stats week 3

Week 3's class went much better than week 2. The students were better able to do the class work, they had questions for me to answer during the short lecture time and they were working on the first unit exam. I offered to make Camtasia videos on how to use the TI83 calculator and Excel to do statistics. there were some requests, that I finished today. I assume there will be more. I also put in a forum where students could ask HW help. So far only 1 question was posted. One of my students asked if she should drop the class, she should have registered for MAT077 not MAT177. She sent me an email commenting that the class was too difficult, it went too fast, and there is too much work. She then sent a follow up email 12 hours later asking if I respond to emails; told her, she would have to figure out for herself whether or not to withdraw form the class.

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